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Two million.  Thats the number of brain cells that die every minute during a stroke. Meanwhile, strokes have grown to become the third leading cause of death in South-Eastern Pennsylvania.  Potentially resulting in paralysis, difficulties in language use, loss of motor function and impaired memory, strokes have also become the leading cause of disability in the nation. This is a problem that Paoli Neurointerventional Lab and Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital are striving to fix. 

The comprehensive understanding and treatment involved in helping patients recover from a stroke requires expertise and individual care. In order to better represent the nuances of stroke treatment and recovery, we have segmented this virtual experience in two, in order to highlight the work being done at the Paoli Neurointerventional Lab, and Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital.

Dr. Sharon Marshall

Dr. Sharon Marshall had a stroke in 2019. She was whisked to the Bryn Mawr Hospital Neurointerventional Lab, where she underwent a procedure to remove the clot from her brain. Her experience at the Neurointerventional Lab highlights the importance of constructing a unit at Paoli. Time is brain, and the strategic placement of the unit will allow us to provide world-class care to the patients in our community.

Steven Barsamian

Steven Barsamian had a stroke that affected the entire left side of his body. When he arrived at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, he was unable to move his arm or leg, and needed assistance to sit up. Steven’s interdisciplinary Rehab team established a customized treatment plan to get him on his path to recovery, including use of innovative therapy technology.