Paoli Hospital- Committed to Innovation

Paoli Hospital is committed to bringing quality, first-class care to the patients in our community.  As the only trauma center in Chester County,  Paoli is also proud to consistently rank as one of the highest performing hospitals in the nation.  Paoli is one of the first hospitals in the state to incorporate evidence-based design to promote safety, patient outcomes, and efficiency.  Meanwhile, our expansive private patient rooms, top of the line emergency room, and advanced surgical suites, allow us to provide the best possible care for our patients.

The Neurointerventional Unit

The construction of a Neurointerventional Lab at Paoli marks our shift into a new era of treating complex neurological diseases such as stroke. The neurointerventional procedure allows surgeons to remove clots from cranial vessels, completely changing the outcome for stroke patients. This lab is the only one of its kind throughout the entire Chester County area. The implementation of a neurointerventional unit at Paoli Hospital is nothing short of a strategic initiative, designed to provide the community access to world-class medical care at a moment’s notice.

Providing the Best Possible Outcome

Spot a Stroke F.A.S.T.

If you notice these symptoms, it's time to act.

Facial Drooping

Facial drooping or numbness can be the first warning sign that something is wrong. Keep a close eye on the individual to monitor if any other symptoms arise.

Arm Weakness

If an individual is experiencing arm weakness, an inability to hold it vertically, or even numbness, this can be the second indication of an onset stroke.

Speech Difficulties

Word slurring, an inability to speak cohesively, or clear difficulty repeating sentences can indicate that the individual is likely having a stroke.

Time to Call

If an individual is experiencing these symptoms, that means it's time to act. Call the nearest emergency service center and request an ambulance right away.

DRAG to remove clot

Our Neurointerventional Program at Work